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The Value of Volunteering: A Story of Compassion

In the heart of our Odd Fellows community, we hold dear the principles of visiting the sick, relieving the distressed, burying the dead, and educating the orphan. These guiding principles are the very essence of our commitment to service. Recently, we had a profound opportunity to put these values into action as we came together to help a young man from Marine Park who was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

While we couldn’t provide him with the organ he urgently required, we recognized the immense power of raising awareness. Through our platform, we reached out to our larger community and beyond, shedding light on the importance of organ donation and the hope it can bring to countless lives.

The Brooklyn Lodge was joined by acting Grand Secretary for the State of NY Tom Buchanan, brothers from Rockville Center #279 and Mineola-Pacific Lodge #125 to give aid to Mr. David Ostrowski, a local coach and mentor who lives with a serious kidney disease. The Mineola brothers met Borough Park’s donation to David. We all wish him well in his ongoing efforts to live a normal life.