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Joining the Lodge


Membership and Annual Dues

Our annual dues are a mere $65.00 per year. Certain applicants may be required to pay a one-time initiation fee. We offer camaraderie and networking opportunities at each meeting. Members always have a voice in our direction and affairs. Learn to lead and influence others through participation. Invoke your right to be heard, seen, and counted.

The Independent Order of Oddfellows, begun in 18th-century England, is dedicated to Friendship, Love, and Truth. To that mantra, Borough Park Lodge #409 adds incentive and reward. If your personal goal is to increase your status in your community, to network with like-minded business people, to learn how to influence others, or to improve your public speaking skills, then you are a candidate for Borough Park Lodge.

We are a diverse group that is made up of men and women from all different walks of life, and all different ethnic backgrounds. What brings us together is our desire to elevate the human character to a higher, nobler plane; to extend sympathy and aid to those in need, making their burdens lighter and relieving the darkness of despair; to wage war against vice in every form; and to be a great moral power and influence for the good of humanity.

Questions? Contact Alan if you are interested: 917-755-3915


Attend a meeting without obligation.