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January 2024

The Three links Newsletter January 6, 2024. 

Our Thirty-fourth Year of Publication Volume 34, No.1

Next Meeting: Monday January 22, 2024 at Temple Shalom, Mill Basin Brooklyn

Opinions, discourse, and empowerment: It is very much worth noting that a well-spoken candidate will always have our attention. Our support may go elsewhere but we are inclined at the very least, to listen. A clear, concise message will move people. An attorney with a limp argument has little hope for judicial intervention. The leaders among us all speak well. If they spoke poorly, they would not lead for us for long. The art of public speaking is not hereditary. There is no medicinal supplement nor magic potion. It is stand on your two feet and deliver. If you are not quite there, then you need to come to our meetings.

A Yellow Flower Embrace: Throughout the past three months, with all the verbal vitriol being spread around, the lives of the innocent Israeli Hostages held in Gaza seem to be taking a back page. There is no greater goal of Israel than to return these captives to their families. As we consider and shudder at such a condition, there is a movement afoot to help keep these innocents in prime focus. Decorate your table with yellow flowers to commemorate their speedy return. When nothing else matters, this matters.

A fond farewell: Since before the pandemic, Fred Neil Roth has served as our Noble Grand. Once elected, he never left his post. Through all kinds of weather and inconveniences, Fred made it to our meetings. Fred was sharp, considerate, and forged from the Creed of Do Good. We now have the positions of Vice Grand and Noble Grand open. How about that?

2023/2034 Dues are due. Once again, we will be collecting dues for the 2023/2024 fiscal year. This will be the last year for our annual dues to remain at $65.00. For the fiscal year 2024/2025 our dues will be $85.00 in keeping with our bylaws.

Have you got game? Every Sunday (weather permitting), several seniors (your editor included) gather at Coney Island Park (Neptune and 27th Street) or Marine Park, to play doubles tennis. Blustery days, rainy days or snowy days are not conducive to proper tennis playing, But, if the weather cooperates, tennis is wonderful. We now meet at 10 am. If you have game and would like to join us, call Fran Schwartz at 347-794-1315 for the Sunday tennis match! For Pickles contact Gus.

BnI Scholarship: Members are urged to get Bennett Heller information on their children or grandchildren going to college. We offer a $250.00 Scholarship award per semester, for those that qualify. Contact Bennett at 718-627-5896 for further information!